Alan Openshaw


I have 23 years of experience in mortgage lending. I pride myself in educating my clients from the outset; explaining how credit scoring works, fixing credit, mortgage guidelines and the mortgage process. Providing accurate numbers and holding hands throughout the process. It is because of my knowledge, honesty, diligence and work ethic that his client retention rate is second to none.

I love working with first time home buyers, and those that are credit challenged. I also excel with self-employed clients as he is quick to dissect their tax returns and come up with an accurate workable income. If the clients business does not show a lot of income, or if their business is relatively new, I also have loans for those that need to document income in creative ways, whether it be through 1099’s or bank statement programs, or even just qualifying on the cash flow on investment properties.

I take great pride in my work and when asked what gives me the most pleasure in my business I always say: “There’s nothing nicer than getting someone in a home when they have already been turned down by several lenders. Those clients become friends for life!”.