Fix & Flip Loan / Fix & Hold Loan

Empowering your property dreams with flexible Fix & Flip and Hold loans.

About Fix & Flip Loan / Fix & Hold loans

A Fix & Flip Loan is a specialized financing option tailored for real estate investors focused on buying, renovating, and quickly selling properties for profit. Ideal for short-term investment projects, these loans provide the necessary funds to purchase and rehabilitate distressed or undervalued properties. Distinguished by their short-term nature, usually 12 to 18 months, Fix & Flip Loans cover not only the purchase price but also renovation costs. 

They are designed for investors looking to capitalize on market opportunities, requiring a quick turnaround. The loan is typically interest-only with higher rates than traditional mortgages, reflecting the higher risk and investment potential. This type of loan is a powerful tool for investors aiming to transform properties and generate returns in a relatively short period.

Why consider an Fix & Flip Loan / Fix & Hold loan?

Considering a Fix & Flip Loan or Fix & Hold Loan is advantageous due to their suitability for purchasing, renovating, and selling properties for short-term profit or holding properties for long-term investment, offering potential for high returns, flexible terms, and specialized funding tailored for real estate investors and house flippers.