Levi Santos

Knowledgeable and extremely caring, Levi Santos is there every step of the way for his clients. He makes the mortgage process pleasant, easy, and stress-free.
Deep within Levi Santos is an intense desire to provide the highest level of customer care for home buyers. It comes from his own experiences. He says, “I know how it is to not receive great service. My goal with every client I work with is to provide them with a white-glove service approach. I make things very personal. I express to them what I hold dearly in my life and what’s important to me, so we have a common bond. I not only gain a client for life, but also a friend.”
Levi, who has over fifteen years of finance/mortgage experience, specializes in helping first time home buyers, down payment assisted clients, refinance clients, step-up homes, investment, and self-employed clients. He says, “I love helping people and getting to know their story. It’s extremely gratifying to know I’ve helped someone get into their first home or reduce their monthly expenses so they can start a college fund.”